Behind the scenes at Fallingwood.   We have dedicated a lot of time and thought over the years to produce a candle we love as well.  One of our big frustrations with over the counter candles?  Soot build up on glass makes us crazy.  We use a straight wall glass container to help combat much of this.  We also use natural ingredients like soy wax to cut down on soot. 

Yes, we burn our own candles and test them as well!

Sign in the studio.

Selection of pillars and votives.

Packing. We always seem to be the smallest trailer at shows!

Production run for Pumpkin Pie.

Setting up for a show in Gaithersburg Maryland.

Building a new display.

We do a small selection of holiday candles as well for our December shows.

Having a little fun while photo documenting a work!

Small votives only require one wick.

Votive production run, Lavender/mint.

Using a candle to get wood late at night!

We use small glue circles to keep wicks connected to the bottom of the glass container.

Cleaning glass containers!

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